Thursday, November 21, 2013

Conversations With Shane & Adalyn

Tuesday evening as we were eating dinner. Adalyn was sitting next to me and she leaned over and said this to me in a whisper:

Adalyn: Thank you Mommy for putting up the decorations while I was napping.

She was talking about the Christmas decorations that Shane and I put up, so when we return from our trip early December we'll be all ready to celebrate Christmas.

She just melted my heart and I want to remember that sweet little moment forever.

Adalyn: Me loves you, Mommy and Daddy and Shane. I want to give you a great big hug. 


Yesterday early afternoon, after Shane had returned home from AM Kindergarten, I had this conversation with him.

Me: At some point today you'll be able to play outside while the sun is shining.

Shane: NO, I don't want to go outside.

Me: The Doctor said you need to play outside every day that you can. Since it's nice and sunny out today is the perfect day for that.

Shane: Did she call and tell you that?

Me: No, I just know this. It's healthy for your body to be outside.

Shane: No, I don't want to go outside.

Ten minutes later....

Shane: I'm going outside now.

Looks like maybe the Doctor needs to be giving out more directions around the house. I like the results.

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I'm pooped said...

Very cute. I just linked up to the Awesome Things Blog Hop. Thank you for hosting. I have already seen a lot of great ideas.