Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween {2013}

We had a great Halloween this year. The kids are at a perfect age to enjoy this silly holiday.

I started out the morning by helping to coordinate Shane's kindergarten class' party. 
I had a ton of help and almost every kiddo had a parent there...
which in the end may have made it a bit more hectic, but fun none-the-less.

I wasn't sure how Shane was going to take having me in the classroom, but he rocked it. 
He waved good bye while I set up and he went to recess. 
He rotated through his stations with out me and smiled and had fun along the way.

Sitting next to his buddy Callum.

After nap time we went to downtown Kirkland and hit up a bunch of stores.
 I love going down there since it is during the day time and it isn't very crowded.

Famous coyote and cow in Kirkland. 
The kids love when they get dressed up for different holidays. 

We had came home to regroup and wait for the dark. Then headed out to our neighborhood for some more trick or treating.

Could she be any less excited?

He certainly has the picture pose down.

You think she'll figure out the picture pose soon?

What?! Daddy you are scary!!

Adalyn says, take that off, Daddy. I don't like that.

Checknig to make sure it really is Daddy.

Trick or treating was great. The weather was perfect. 
Shane went door to door by himself and little sister went running up after him each time.

Check out that loot.
They each got one piece before bed.

After eating her piece, she then lined them all up. Hilarious!!

The following morning, each kiddo got to pick 10 pieces of candy and the rest got donated to Shane's school where it will be sent off to soldiers over seas. Certainly NO need to have all that in our house. They kids were happy to donate it and didn't even ask for a piece of candy today. Well, actually, I do think sweet tooth Adalyn asked for some at breakfast, but not after that big flat no, did she try again.

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