Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dog + Chair

Sadie is an outside dog. Not because we make her spend the day outside, but because she wants to be out there. From the day we adopted her (8 years ago at the age of 1) and in every house we've lived in, her favorite spot is laying outside in front of the slider.

Back in the spring we acquired some patio chairs with cushions on them that sit near her patio perch. We joked around wondering if she would ever help herself up into one. Months passed and she never did.

Until last week. Maybe it was the chill of fall or the old bones at age 9. What ever it was, one afternoon I looked outside and saw her all curled up on the patio chair.

The moment she saw me looking at her I got this look... 

...this is her squinty eyed "I'm in trouble" look. 
She then tried to jump down really fast, but I told her it was okay and she could stay there.

Now she occupies the chair daily.

There are two chairs out there, but only this one will do. 

The armrest is also good for a pillow.

And from her cozy spot she can still see the happenings in her backyard. 
No squirrel or bird left unwatched.

But in the end it's just perfect for a nap on a chilly, wet day.

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