Monday, November 4, 2013

Menu Monday

This is a week of meetings. Sometimes it just falls that way. Four of five evenings this week I a related work meeting or event. The day that I don't have something is the one evening Kenny has something. Luckily, I'm don't have to be any where until 7pm, so I'm able to still feed the fam and not miss much before the kiddos head to bed.

Monday -- Baked Penne (we didn't have that last week)

Tuesday -- leftovers

Wednesday -- White Chicken Enchiladas (yeah...we didn't have that last week either)

Thursday -- leftovers

Friday -- One Pot Black Beans and Rice

Saturday -- leftovers

Sunday --  Breakfast for Dinner (it's become our Sunday thing)

1 comment:

Julie said...

Ok...I need to know in what quantities you cook in order to have 3 leftover nights a week! I feel like I cook big quantities but we never have leftovers. If we do, it's maybe 1 portion and Dama takes it for lunch.