Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Tooth Fairy

On Halloween evening Shane lost his first tooth.

That tooth, along with one other one had been holding on for dear life for a couple months. His big teeth had already started to come through behind his little baby teeth. He was a classic case of "shark mouth". The thought of losing his teeth frightened him on many levels. He was anxious about the possibility of blood, the thought of any pain and uncomfortableness (even though he expressed how painful it was to eat with them so loose) and the whole idea of change/transition from baby teeth to big teeth.

Halloween day I said to him. That tooth has to come out today. It was laying sideways. I told him how cool would it be to remember that your first tooth came out on Halloween.

As we ate dinner at Jimmy Johns after trick or treating in downtown Kirkland, Shane took a bite of his sandwich. Kenny noticed it first, as he spit his bite out and started looking for his tooth. Then a bit of blood came and Shane lost it.

Happy and sad all at once.

The baby tooth.

Because he was having such a hard time getting his teeth out. He was told that the Tooth Fairy leaves an extra special surprise for your first lost tooth. That night he received a lego set and $1 from her. He was so excited and couldn't believe that she knew he liked legos.

When I encouraged him to pulled his second loose tooth out and the Tooth Fairy would return. He told me, but she'll only leave me $1 this time. Ah, kids!

Here he is before he lost both teeth.

Here he is with both teeth out. He doesn't even have any holes since his big teeth are already at least half way in.

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Shannon said...

Aww, poor guy! I've never heard of "shark mouth", but it is kind of neat that he doesn't have holes. :)