Friday, November 8, 2013

Real Life Friday

Adalyn has been potty trained since the end of summer. She trained pretty quickly and easily. She had a few problems when she was outside playing and would just go, but then it got cold and we haven't really been out in the backyard playing, so that problem just took care of itself.

Recently she has been peeing in her carseat. It happened for the first time a couple weeks ago and I blamed myself for not having her go before we got in the car. Then it happened again a week later. I thought it was odd, but such is life. The hardest part of the whole thing was washing the darn carseat cover!

Then she did it over the weekend while we had been in the car for only just a few minutes. She walked around Lowe's with wet pants and rode back home in a cold wet carseat. That should teach her, right?

Monday she peed, yet again. WHAT the heck!?! This time I used a new technique of kindness and truth telling. If you tell Mommy the truth that you need to go potty that makes me happy. I won't get upset if we need to stop and go potty.

Wednesday we were driving and she told me she needed to go potty. Yay! We stopped off (we have a whole go potty outside routine...we do this a lot). She said telling Mommy the truth makes you happy. Yes, yes it does! Phew, she was over the peeing in her car seat thing.

On the way home on Wednesday I smelled a little something. Did you fart, Adalyn, I ask jokingly. She denied any such doing. Adalyn do you need to go potty? No, she says. We arrive home and I go to unbuckle her and I see she is wet. Uh Oh, I say. You peed in your car seat. I then quickly realize she didn't just peed....she pooped, too! Really!

I was frazzled with this whole situation! What is going on. I quickly dug into my The Incredible Years training and decided she needed some major rewarding and positive reinforcement when she didn't pee in her car seat. Now every time she gets out of the car dry I give her a mini M&M. Two days into this plan so far she hasn't gone again.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the icky pee small out of the seat of my car. Welcome to my real life.

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