Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Morning, Miss Adalyn!

We survived our first night with Adalyn. Kenny was able to get some sleep. Which was important to me since I need at least one of us functioning better then the other. Adalyn slept from about 8:30-2:30am, then was up feeding until about 7am. She was an eating champ, except at some point I was hoping to get some sleep. That just didn't really happen besides a few cat naps here and there for me. I've been promised a long nap when we get home this afternoon!

She has pooped 5 times and peed at least 2 times already in her less then 24 hours of life. The nurse told us yesterday that newborns normally pee/poop according to their days of age until 7 days old. She seems to be doing great!

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Katie said...

Wonderful! (Minus the no sleep for mommy) Sounds like she is getting all she needs from mama though with all that peein' and poopin'! She is beautiful. How's Shane? Is he getting up when she does?