Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turkey Craft

I had been wanting to do a turkey craft with Shane. Thursday night I stumbled on one in a magazine I was reading. I can't say it turned out anything like the perfect picture in the magazine, but still cute for giving free reign to a 3 year old.

If you want to make this little "table setting" for your Thanksgiving table this is what you need:

--1 large brown circle for the body (I didn't have any brown paper, so I had Shane paint white paper brown)

--1 small circle for the head

--2 feet (I'm a terrible drawer so anything free hand is a struggle for me)

--1 beak

--1 gobble

--5 feathers

--1 "wiggly" eye (we didn't have any and I forgot to make one out of paper)

Shane decorated the "feathers" with markers, sparkle glue, feathers and tissue paper.

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