Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Must Be Getting Close.....

39 weeks today....1 week until my official due date of November 11th. Visited with the Doctor today. We've scheduled a date to induce the little one out. If she doesn't arrive on her own before November 17th I'll be induced that morning. That is TWO weeks away though!

I got two walks in today. There is just no way I can take TWO more weeks of this. Shane is heading to Mema and Papa's house for the weekend. I figure that means we'll either have a quiet kid free weekend or little girl will crash the party. Either way works for me: win-win!

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Katie said...

Let's hope she comes in her own time! I read a statistic recently that like 80% of babies will come the week after your "due date" if you end up going "past". Either way, it is exciting!