Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This was our last weekend as a family of three. We didn't do anything super exciting, but it was nice to enjoy the last weekend as what we all know as "normal". Since next weekend our lives will be completely and forever different. Not that different is bad, but we won't ever be three again! I know that life will be chaotic and crazy at first with our new addition to the family, but I can't wait for things to settle back down to our new "normal". I think Shane will make the best big brother and will really enjoy having a sibling. I also think it will be a hard transition for him, too. Being an only child for your whole 3+ years of life will make all of sudden having to share Mommy and Daddy with another human being a not so fun experience.

Looks like Baby Girl will be holding out for her inducement date. Thursday is fast approaching.


The Pechanec Family said...

Jessica you look so good! I am so excited for you, Kenny and Shane! It is probably going to be a bit of a transition for Shane but give it a few weeks and he will go back to normal. Morgan had a really hard time with it and still has a fit time to time but now she tells me she loves her sisters and is always trying to help, in fact she just read Cameryn a book this morning, it was too cute!

Julie said...

You look terrific :) You've handled your "overdueness" Very well!