Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crying It Out -- Day 1

I am so proud of Adalyn and how well she did during the night. And proud of us for sticking to our plan. I have heard all the negative and positive thoughts on letting your child cry it out. It was a tough decision for us to go ahead and do this. But I knew that what was happening wasn't right or good for her. I have heard so many people say they couldn't do that to their kids, or it will "hurt" her. Each family and sleeping situation is unique. Until you have walked in the shoes of the sleep deprived family, don't judge. I asked the Doctor why there was so much bad press on this technique. She said their are just different ways for different type of parenting and temperaments of children. Obviously, our child wasn't making improvement with all the other things we have tried. We considered doing the more gradual approach with her (going in increments of 5 minutes), but I thought that would probably escalate her more and drag the whole thing out longer.

8:50am: Time for Adalyn's morning nap. Kenny feeds her and puts her down. Poor timing on our part, but we are getting new garage doors put in. The garage is right under Addie's bedroom. As the kiddo is trying to put herself to sleep there are LOUD noises happening below her.

9:05am: She is talking to herself with a tiny fusses on and off. No loud crazy crying though.

9:25am: All is quiet in her room (not below her room though). She seems to be napping. Fingers crossed the garage door guy doesn't wake her up now.

9:51am: Appears she has been woken up. Bummer. What to do now!?!?

10:15am: She is just playing and talking in her crib and I have to go pick Shane up from preschool in 45 minutes. Looks like Nap #1 is half success and half not so successful.

11:53am: Nap attempt #2 -- just quiet talking to herself. I am hoping the garage guy is now done with his loud noises.

12:10pm: No more talking. She is asleep with out a single cry.

12:30pm: Woken up by the garage door guy! GRRRRR. She cries her scared cry. I go in to comfort her. After a few minutes I decide there is too much noise and she is too awake. So I take her out of the nap.

1:21pm: Nap attempt #3 -- I move her into our room in the pack n play. I know she is super tired and it is our fault for all the noise.

1:30pm: All is quiet. So proud of her!

2:10pm: Awake....hmmm super short nap.

3:45pm: I put her in the ERGO since at this point she can't really nap because it is so close to the 5pm cut off time. She quickly falls asleep in there for a 30 minute snooze.

Overall naps weren't so great today, but that was our fault with all the noise. They probably would have been bad even if she had the pacifier.


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Katie said...

She is gonna do great I just know it! Keep up the good work. I know how hard it can be to be sleep deprived. Ethan wasn't a sleeper either....I went off the deep end then.....a combo of no sleep, huge life changes and hormones make for a stressed out, tired, medicated Mama. You are doing what is right for you and yours.