Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Sleep, Please

We had thought that a couple weeks back we were seeing some slow progress in Adalyn's sleep habits. To then realize this week we had taken 4 steps back all of a sudden. She was overtired, yet again. After another sleepless night, I brought the sleeping books back out. I had put them away for the first couple months because I was "letting her do her thing and waiting for her to figure it out". It looks like she isn't going to "figure it out" on her own. Between a trip to the doctors yesterday (I LOVE our Pediatrician), my two favorite sleep books (who knew you needed a degree in sleep with a baby) and my general feelings on things, a new plan has been set in place.

She has an even earlier bedtime (5:30-6:30).

I am phasing out 2 out of 3 of her night time feedings, by making her wait longer each few nights between feedings. Currently she is at every 4-5 hours.

She was in a habit of eating little amounts through out the day. Now the goal is to wait longer between feedings in the day time, too. So she gets more big feedings at once and gets to realize when she is actually hungry.

Get to her sleep in her crib for naps and at night. No more swing. And have her fall asleep on her own. I can say we've pretty much accomplished this one in the first day. Yay! One goal down already. Progress is nice!! 

Set up a 3 nap schedule for her in the day. Around Shane's preschool and speech trips hopefully.

Fingers crossed by next Thursday when she is 16 weeks old we'll have this sleeping thing down to a science!!


Cynthia said...

Gary says. What a doll! With something that cute things have to get better! That is till the hormones kick in! Are you smiling Jessica?

Jessica M. said...

Sounds like you have a good plan, getting the day feedings was the key to our nights with Xalen. I was so supprised at how easy it was to eliminate the night feedings, I hope you have the same success!