Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rollin' Over

Adalyn rolled over from her tummy to her back last week. She did it three times in a row the first day she did it. Then the next morning she did it two more times. But it has now been a couple days since then with out any tummy to back rolling over. You could tell she was doing it on purpose. She would shift and rock her body to one way and then plop, rolled over with this surprised and proud look on her face.

She still is determined to sit up. If you give her just a little support she pushes up with her elbow and tries to get into an upright position.

Last night she held her bottle all by herself with two hands. I went to put it into her mouth and she just grabbed on to it with all of her might and held tight the whole time. I was able to even let go and she kept it up there. She is one strong baby.

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Tia said...

So cute! Its funny how they are always so stiff right after the turn over, they are just trying to take it all in, lol.