Friday, March 4, 2011


I think Adalyn is the funnest pooper EVER. She works so hard at it and makes the best noises. Most of the time she makes so much noise that you think her diaper is going to be overflowing, but then you find out it's almost empty. The other day I was taking pictures of her when she started to poop. I caught a great sequence of her poopin' face. Now I need to get it on video. She'll love that when she is older.

Here I am so super cute in my little outfit.
Oh No...It's starting to happen.
I stare into space.
And I need to lean forward and grunt.
Then my face turns really, really red!!
Phew! All better now.


Samantha said...

Ok that is hilarious!! Haha!!

Cynthia said...

OOOOHHHHHH my gosh ..that is way toooooo funny !!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

She is going to hurt you one day :)