Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crying It Out -- Day 2

I realized that her day time is a whole new ball game now. With her actually sleeping at night I have no idea when to put her down for naps. I hope today goes a lot smoother minus all the noise.

7:54am: She was a little cranky this morning and easily startled and crying. I didn't want to get her overtired again and the morning nap really sets the tone for the rest of the day. I laid her down hoping that she falls asleep easily and sleeps for a long time. She hasn't had a good nap yet with out a pacifier.

8:12am: After some fussing she fell asleep after 15 minutes. I may have waited to long to lay her down. Her sleep window is super "fragile" if you don't hit it just right it has always been harder for her to fall asleep. I'd say at this point she is past the need for the pacifier and acting like her "normal" self.

8:47am: Wake up...short, yet again (and no noise!).

10:15am: nap time again...15 minutes of talking and straight to sleep

11:15am: Angry transition, but back to sleep

12:30pm: Awake, not a bad nap overall

2:30pm: Another nap

3:30pm: 1 hour is normal for her at this time of day

Overall today's nap represent a fairly normal nap day for her.

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