Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crying It Out -- Night 1

Adalyn had her 4 month well baby check up today. The big question of the visit was what the heck are we going to do about this baby who doesn't stay sleeping (waking up 8+ times for a pacifier) and still eats a ton at night. Doctor said go cold turkey. We are going to have go to the cry it out thing! Nothing else has worked and we are really making no progress. I grilled her on my million questions: Is it going to hurt her? Will she still trust us? Is it bad for her? Can we do it more gradually? etc, etc. I totally trust and love our pediatrician. She said she had to do this with one of her daughters, as well. And yes, it will be hard, but we have to give Adalyn the chance to learn how to self soothe herself. Giving her a pacifier and bottle all night long isn't letting her learn this super important lesson. And her growth is wonderful, so there is no reason she needs to be eating as much as she is (or at all) at night.  Kenny and I decide we may as well jump in. No reason to wait. So here we go.

6:02pm: After a quiet calm bedtime routine. I put Addie in her crib, while giving her a pep talk and shedding a few tear for what may be ahead of us. I tell her I love and walk out. Oddly, she started out cranky. Before I had even put her down she was fussing, which isn't normal for her. Either I kept her up to long or the shot from earlier in the day was bothering her or something else. But she was off for sure. Making me even more nervous to start this adventure tonight.

6:07pm: The non-stop crying starts to fade. She starts to take a breather in between screams. I ask Kenny if it is okay if I go in after 30 minutes. He says sure. I continue to busy myself around the house, while willing her in my mind to calm down and go to sleep. I tell myself over and over again this is for the best. She needs to learn how to self soothe herself. She needs to sleep better. I need to sleep better.

6:25pm: The breaks between cries are getting longer and longer.

6:30pm: The time hits where I had said I would go in and check on her, but she is almost completely calm, so I don't want to risk messing that up.

6:39pm: This is the last time I hear her cry. I stand outside of her bedroom door and can hear her breathing deeply, but she is quiet. Could this really be it?!

7:25: Kenny and I pondered what the night will bring. She normally wakes up at the 45 minute mark, which is when we normally give her the pacifier back. We wonder if she will wake up and start crying all over again. Shane has gone to bed. We certainly don't want him to wake up. I am so nervous for the night and what may happen.

7:30pm: We hear a little cry and stop in our tracks. It has been 45 minutes....what is going to happen?! We hear nothing more....she stays sleeping. This is huge!!!

9:14pm: Kenny and I head off to bed. Earlier we had decided that we didn't want to not feed her all night long. Last night she had gone 7 hours with out food. So we decided that after 7.5 hours we could/would feed her if she woke up. With the plan of continuing to move this feeding out by 30 minutes and smaller for the next week.

10:40pm: Adalyn is awake. Talking to herself. I go to her room say "hi", cover her up and walk out. She protests loudly. This would be a normal time for her first feeding of the night. I lay in the hallway by her door with Sadie. Praying she stops protesting quickly. With a combination of talking to herself, crying, and her "trying to go to sleep noises" she is quiet on and off.

10:52pm: No more crying, just kicking every now and then. I then kick myself for not putting her in a sleep sack because I am sure she has kicked her blanket off of her by now.

11:20pm: Still quiet...I tip-toe into her room and oh so quietly cover her up. I am greeted by some noises and freeze in my path hoping they stop quickly which they do.

11:28pm: Back to bed I go. Let's see what happens next.

3:24am: Two quiet noises come from Addie's room. Do we feed her? Do I go in and check on her? She is quiet, so I do nothing.

4:10am: She starts talking and playing in her room. I decide to go in and feed her. I am greeted with smiles and I am so happy to pick her up and kiss her. All is well. She eats and falls right back to sleep with out any fussing.

7:00am: Addie wakes up a happy little camper.



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Sounds like you are on your way! So many hard thing to teach these kids, I look forward to more good updates!