Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crying It Out -- Night 2

Addie was super overtired from her rough nap day today, so I was extra nervous about bedtime. 

5:25pm: Kenny put Adalyn down for bed. (I am gone picking Mema up from the ferry, so I missed out on all the crying). She didn't take it so well, but that is normal for her even with a pacifier to have a harder time going to sleep when she is overtired. This just slightly longer and was a little louder.

5:50pm: She is asleep. 30 minutes (10 minutes faster then last night)

6:10pm: Sadie barks and startles Addie awake. I go into comfort her. She goes right back to sleep with out a peep.

7:15pm: We hear her transition at the 1 hour mark, but unlike before with a pacifier she stays sleeping. Normally we would have had to run in and give her the pacifier back to have her continue sleeping.

12:33am: I hear a couple loud noises come from her room. But then nothing. I figure it is a transition, which is a normal sleep pattern. Something she never did before because she never got to a deep sleep. I lay awake just waiting for her to wake up. My sleep cycles area all messed up from getting up 8+ times during the night.

2:05am: She is awake. I go in and cover her back up and hope for a quick back to sleep. Plan A was to feed her 30 minutes after last night which wouldn't be until 4:30am.

2:15am: She is not going back to sleep. I confirm with Kenny and we decided to feed her since it is within our original feeding plan from last night.

2:47am: She goes back to sleep no problem. Fingers crossed it is until morning!!

6:15am: Good Morning, Miss Adalyn. You slept almost all night long with only one wake up to eat!!!!


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