Monday, June 20, 2011

7 Months

Adalyn Makenna is 7 months old! It feels like she truly just turned 6 months. Now we are past the half year mark and screaming down the run way to 1 year. It is going to be here sooner then we can even imagine. Enough about the future. This is what Addie is up to right now.

Whenever she is out, we always hear about about how she has a "surprised/happy" look on her face. It's true, she really does. She continues to be happy all the time. Full of smiles. Through all this happiness though, she can make herself very well heard with loud screeches. She is not afraid to voice her opinion.

She is rolling all over the place. Little Rollie Pollie. There are hints of her thinking about crawling. She is making backwards movement and getting up off her belly. She also seems to want to stand more then any thing. She makes attempts at pulling herself up or "asks" for you to pull her up so she can stand.

Addie loves finger foods. None of that baby food stuff. She wants real food. Bananas, pancakes, puffs, watermelon...yummy! She laughs when you bring her over food. She gets so excited for it.

Sleep continues to not be one of her favorite things to do. Up on average 2-3 times a night still. I do think that if she eats a "big dinner" full of rice cereal she does sleep for longer stretches. She has gone up to 7 hours straight, so I know she had it in her. It just seems that every little thing bothers her sleep: shots, being sick, learning new skills, not napping as much, going to bed late, teething, habit 5:30am wake up. Once we "fix" one thing something else becomes a problem.