Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Outfit Changes

Some day I would love to capture all the many outfit changes Shane goes through in one day. I would guess on an average day he changes his clothes 5+ times. On this particular day he asked to look at a big box in his closet. It had baby clothes in it I had saved. I left it on his floor in his room for him to explore. Over the next 10 minutes or so he kept running out to tell me that all the clothes still fit him. I choose to not debate this and just let him have fun, especially since he was happy and entertained. On another trip out he told me he was putting them all away in his dresser since they fit him. I just imagined the mess I was going to have to clean up later, but again I'll take a mess if it comes with a happy kid. After awhile I went in to see how things were going. I discovered this:

My almost 4 year old had on a onesie in size 0-3 months!! It fit over his head and he got his skinny little arms in it. All that didn't work was the buttons at the bottom.  I couldn't stop laughing and he was so proud of himself.

Next he came out in this outfit in size 9 months. The waist fit him, the legs were just short. I had to put a stop to the clothes trying on after this because he was getting upset that he couldn't get everything on. I  was having a hard time getting him to believe me that they weren't suppose to fit him.
The pictures still make me laugh. My skinny boy.


Cynthia said...

he is such a FUNNY guy !!!!!!!!

Julie said...

These look like outfits you might see at a Pride parade!! :) Cute!