Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Party

Shane had his fish themed birthday party this weekend. We had 6 girls attend. Oh ya, 6 girls! He did invite a couple boys but they weren't able to make it. But you would think that he didn't know a single one of them by the way he was attached to either me, Kenny or Mema. I do believe all had fun though. We made a cute floating fish craft, went fishing and played Shark, Shark, Fish.

This is Salvador. Kenny spent a long time making Sal. We thought he was pretty darn cool. You can get directions to make your own Salavador here.

Shane, Adalyn, Opal and Dahlia. The first time Addie and Opal have met. Just for the record, it is super hard to get 4 wiggly kiddos to all look at the camera at the same time! Oh, and Addie LOVES hair.
The girls were so super excited during presents. They couldn't contain themselves. Many told Shane what they got for him the moment we opened the door. He is very slow and cautious when he opens up presents. He kept telling me he wanted to save that ribbon, or envelope, or wrapping paper. The girls just wanted to ripe things open. He was going way too slow for their liking.

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Honey Hair said...

Fun party- thanks for having us! "Fishing" was awesome and Sal was a hit too!