Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bunk Beds and More

For Shane's birthday we got him bunk beds. He was still sleeping in a toddler bed and it was way past time to move him into a big boy bed. The process of the bunk bed purchase went like this:

--Price bunk beds online
--Go out and look and bunk beds in stores and buy one that same day.
--Actually get it in the back of our SUV to bring home
--Find time to put it together (which was quite the challenge...both finding time and putting it together).
--Move his bedroom furniture around numerous times to get everything to fit and look good.
--Find and go purchase not one, but TWO mattresses. 
--Fit them in the back of the SUV (gotta love Stormy!!)
--Search online and find bedding for his new bunk bed.
--Order bedding and wait for it to come (Thanks, Mema and Papa for the bedding!)
--Wash bedding when it arrives.
--Make TWO beds with new bedding (making a bunk bed is a really hard!)

The end result...a super happy 4 year old and two happy parents that that project is over with! 

As Shane would say "This is one special day."

He also got a trampoline for his birthday from Papa and Grandma Booth. Another quote from Shane: "I am a lucky boy." And he certainly is a lucky and loved little boy.

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