Monday, July 18, 2011

8 months old

Adalyn Makenna is 8 months old today! Here are some highlights from her last month of life.

Milestones: She is a fast little crawler and a huge explorer. Unlike her Big Brother (who even as a crawler never left my side), she has no problem heading down the hallway to check things out. I often find her in Shane's bedroom where she can get her hands on all kinds of things she shouldn't. Her favorite room in the house, for sure! I love it when she crawls over to me and bats at my ankles asking to be picked up. She is standing up on everything now. If I am sitting on the floor all she wants to do is climb all over me and practice her moves.

Sleeping: She has pretty much as of last week dropped down to two naps a day. Her bedtime has gotten later (6-7pm) and she is finally sleeping in past the 5am hour. We may even be getting close to having a consistent napping schedule, which would be SO nice. I would say during the last 2 weeks she has been up only once per night more often then twice per night. Which is also a HUGE deal. Her night time sleeping stretches are slowly but surely going any where between 5-9 hours at a time. Progress...oh, so, slow...but progress none-the-less.

Food: She is a full on solid/finger food eating kiddo. We continued to try and offer baby food at each meal up until this last week, but it was such a waste because she truly wanted NOTHING to do with any of it. It got to the point where she would spit/spew it all over you if you got any in her mouth. She was even feeding herself with a spoon a few days ago. And she loves her sippy cup of water.

Personality: Right now I think she is the perfect mix of independence and cuddly. She has no problem if you leave her in the room to play and is happy as a clam to crawl around the house exploring by herself, but she is also happy to let you pick her up and carry her around the house with you. She is more then willing to give loves and snuggles. I love bedtime when Shane gives her a kiss. She just giggles and grins this huge grin. She continues to be a happy camper most of the day, but she'll let you know if she is not happy with something you did (like take a piece of paper away from her).

Siblings: It took just about 8 months, but we are starting to see some sibling issues with Shane and Adalyn. The fact that she can crawl now has Shane on the defense most of the day. Making sure she isn't touching or playing with any thing he thinks is his (which is everything in the house including her toys as well). He watches her like a hawk and attempts to keep her out of harm, but most of the time he just drives me crazy by telling me blow-by-blow what she "shouldn't" be doing. If he isn't doing those two things he is then acting like a baby. Crawling or rolling around on the floor, baby talking or just acting plan goofy (in a very annoying way). Daily we are working on the sibling interactions. All Adalyn wants to do is play with Shane's stuff or follow him around (already!).


Kat said...

She is so cute!

Wendy said...

the sibling thing is so amazing. Wes adores Abby and sometimes just in the house if he can't see her he's asking Abby with his hands turned up like, where did she go. She is 8 and is so far handling it pretty well having this shadow until of course her friends are over and then the door gets shut and oh the tears..... its amazing how much they adore the "bigs".