Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One More Reason

There is a long list of reasons that we won't be adding an additional baby to this family ever, but the one screaming in my head the most right now is TEETHING! We are in the midst of teething with Adalyn and it is not fun AT ALL. Her bottom two teeth came in with some fussiness on and off. Along with some extra wake-ups in the middle of the night. But all in all it wasn't too bad. Now her top two teeth are coming in and it is UGLY. Our even tempered baby is a hot mess on and off all day long. I can't wait for those two little suckers to pop through her gum. We can see them sitting right there just causing a ruckus. Big white bumps sitting underneath her gum line. I can only imagine that it is so uncomfortable. Thank goodness for this: Borion Camilia. It really appears to help keep her irritability down to a level we can deal with. I went to get more of it at the store a few days ago, so we'd be stocked up for our road trip/vacation coming up soon. They were out!!!! I freaked. Luckily, I was able to track some down at another store. Please, baby teeth come through before we are in the car with Miss Adalyn for 14 hours!!!!!

If you have a teething kiddo this is also a great resource: Ten Natural Teething Remedies.

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