Sunday, July 17, 2011


At the start of last weekend our backyard looked like this:
By the end of the weekend it looked like this:

After continued debate over what to do with the bushy looking asian pear tree, that dropped tons of rotting pears for months during the fall. Had our dogs fighting over who got to eat them. And blocked what precious few rays of sun light we may get during the morning. We decided to take it down...well Kenny did the actually work portion of it, but we decided together that it needed to go. The biggest downside right now is the new view of the neighbors house to the left of us. We have future plans for some trees to help with blockage in that corner. 

The rhododendron you see in the corner eventually went as well. Chopping things down gets sorta contagious. The dogs were pulling the baby pears straight off the tree to eat. Shane had a blast making forts out of all the branches. Kenny and I are enjoying the extra sunlight. I am actually very surprised by how much of a difference it actually made.

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