Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fun Calendar Week 4

The fun calendar went on hiatus for a couple weeks. Shane just wasn't into doing any "projects" and seemed oddly happy playing independently or finally enjoying some nice weather outside and playing in the back yard.

This week I am going to focus on some fun suggestions from our local library summer reading program.

Monday -- Learn to say hello in another language. I think we'll work on hola and aloha.

Tuesday -- Water Sponge Ball (not from the library list)

Wednesday -- We are going to check out this web page from our local library and learn a couple new nursery rhymes or songs.

Thursday -- Going to work on letter shapes. Shane hasn't showed much interest in this as of yet. Think we'll give it another go today. Best if we start with his name I think....

Friday -- Going to hit a couple garage sales. I give Shane $1 and he can pretty much spend it on what ever he wants. Okay...I have to approve it (no stuffed animals, etc). He is learning money concepts.

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