Thursday, July 28, 2011

Garden 2011

Our garden this year is fully under way. Here is a little tour of what we have going on.

Here we have a dill plant and 3 rhubarb plants. The first one on the left you can't see since it doesn't have any leaves yet. I can't wait to use the rhubarb next year!
The back box has 5 pumpkin plants. I wasn't going to do pumpkin again this year. But the cul-de-sac we used to live in is having a pumpkin growing contest. How could I turn down that challenge. Thanks, Julie. Now we MUST produce a pumpkin this year!!

The front box has carrots and lettuce. This was the first year I tried lettuce by the seed. Seems to have done fine.
 The back box here has miniature sunflowers. They are growing REALLY slow.

The front box has strawberries. We started last year with 5 or 6 plants. They have just gone crazy in a year. The big problem this year is the dogs have discovered a taste for strawberries. Too many times we've found them in the middle of the strawberry patch eating every single beautiful ripe strawberry. Dang, Dogs!!! We've gotten our hands on a few of them.
Finally, we have two tomato plants up on our deck. They started in the garden, but were doing really poor there. I transferred them into pots. They have taken off since then. We've had two ripe cherry tomatoes so far. 


Kat said...

So impressed!

Julie said...

I'm not so sure the pumpkin growing will be great this season! We will still have a party though!

Jessica M. said...

we are enjoying our garden this year too!