Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seriously Sweet

This little girl is so so sweet. Even teething and grouchy she is sweet. Here she is with bunny lovey and her blanket all ready for bed. She sucks on the ears of her bunny lovey as she falls asleep or cuddling. It's this weird cute and gross thing all at once. I have to wash that thing at least once a week. We really need to invest in another one.

On a side note. Can you see the little scab under her eye? Well, she has taken to pulling on her eyelashes while falling asleep. So far I don't think she has pulled them out. But she keeps scratching up underneath her eyes. I feel like I have to explain it to everyone who sees her because it looks pretty goofy those scabs and scratches on her face. 

So onto my problem right now....all I want to do is play with little Adalyn. She is so much fun to make laugh and giggle. Really it's just so easy. Make a silly sound and it has her cracking up. She is the best cuddlier, too. She snuggles her head into your neck. So sweet. She is starting to wave and even pick up on a few signs I've been teaching her. All her problems are solved with food/bottle, a diaper change, a nap or a snuggle. Her little world is just so simple. Have fun, eat and sleep.

Then there is my son. A 4 year old ball of emotions. He has huge highs and super low lows (even as a baby he was like this). It's like riding an intense roller coaster ALL day long. One moment he is happy and we are playing or cuddling. The next he is pissed off and stomping down the hallway slamming his door like a teenager. His problems really most often are unsolvable or so complicated in his mind that I can't help make things right. I don't me wrong. I love him to pieces. He is so smart and has the best stories and ideas. When he is on an up swing time with him can be really fun and nice. When he is in a helping mood he is the best helper ever. It's just those lows that get me by the end of the day.

So you see my dilemma right now!?! Though I love them little baby girl just takes the prize at this moment. I work hard every day to make sure I give my undivided attention to Shane. I think so far I am hiding my secret well. I got to snuggle in bed with Shane tonight. We had a nice quiet talk together. Those are the moments that make the roller coaster ride not so bad in the end.

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