Friday, July 8, 2011


I've always wanted to volunteer somewhere. But the where, how and when just never seemed to provide an opportunity.  The Mommy group I am in set up an event to volunteer at a local charity called Eastside Baby Corner. Where we spent 1.5 hours one evening filling orders for kids who are in need of toys and clothes. Then we sorted through the donated clothing putting them into their proper bin homes until they go into a bag to find their way to a boy or girl who needs them.

I LOVED every minute of it. The tasks we did were right up my alley. I loved following a list and picking out clothes for boys and girls. I wanted to pick cute things and make sure what I put in the bag would match and make a nice outfit. Then the sorting of clothes was fun for me. I know, I'm weird, but sorting is just so much fun! On my way home I just felt so good about helping out. I could imagine the little boys and girls opening up their bags and being so happy with new clothes and toys. Almost like Christmas to them.

Right now I am signed up for 3 more volunteering shifts in the next two months. I was even able to donate baby items we aren't using any more to them as well.

Later this month I will also be volunteering at the Go, Dog, Go Canine Festival and Walk in our local community of Kirkland. They are working on getting enough money to build a dog park. I'll be helping at the stage area passing out awards and prizes.

It took years of me wanting to volunteer for the right opportunities to arise. Now that they have, I plan on helping as much as I can. I can't wait to take Shane with me in about 3 years, when he can then help, too! Are there volunteer opportunities in your life that you can take advantage of? It just takes a couple hours and you can help a lot of people in need, as well as make your heart soar! It is a win-win situation.

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Julie said...

My Mum started us volunteering at a young age. We used to go to the extended care ward at the hospital (Like an old folks home) and do puzzles with the residents, sit with them at lunch, and I remember reading the newspaper aloud to a woman who was blind. She left me something in her will.

It's so important to give. Not just to your kids and their school but to the community and to those who need it most. Not just for them but also for your own soul and growth. Thinking of others without expecting anything gives the greatest return :)