Friday, July 29, 2011

Car Seat Strap Pads

Adalyn recently moved into her convertible car seat. I really don't care for the infant carrier, at least in the sense it is so awkward for me to carry. I am just too short and having it bang against my legs just isn't fun. Even when she was smaller I would just take her out of it and carry her in my arms most of the time.

My point is that her new car seat doesn't have pads on the straps. There have been enough times in the last couples weeks that I have pulled her out and found red marks on her neck. OUCH! Plus, she has been getting fussy in her seat, so I am hoping pads will make it more comfortable. Since we will be in the car 12+ hours in a couple days, I thought it would be best I stopped thinking about making those pads and just do it.

Twenty minutes later (including clean-up and answering 100+ questions from Shane) voila, I have car seat strap pads.

I had all the materials I needed at home already so they were free basically. It looks like on Amazon they run $4-$10. I choose not to buy mine for two reasons. I kept putting it off and didn't have enough time before our trip. Secondly, I feel like a bunch of the store bought ones are to long. They make you have to put the chest piece lower then I think it is should to be for safety reasons. I found this tutorial online, but found it to be slightly more complicated then I had in mind.

This is a quick little walk through on what I did, just in case you want to whip up some for your kiddo. Oh, and I am NOT a sewer. Straight lines are all I can do. Also, on my side for time...the sewing machine was all ready to go. No re-threading, etc. That part always sets me back way to long.

I used a piece of fabric for the outside cover and two pieces of felt for the inside padding.  I made the felt slightly smaller inside the fabric. I used my strap as a basic guide in width and length.
 Then I sewed both sides shut. I just folded over the fabric ends onto the felt. Super easy!
 Then I finished it off with two strips of Velcro on the opposite ends.
 Viola! Super quick and easy. No were near perfect either. But for free and only 20 minutes, I don't think you can beat that!

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you are SO creative ...